Capsule Hats by Laced Up

Capsule by Laced Up is coming soon
Laced Up is now an official New Era Fitted Hat retailer! We will be carrying exclusive designs made by us, and dropping them in-store and online! (There will be Pink Brims)
Please be patient, as our Online Store will be coming soon (Estimated March 2020)
Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more updates and to get access the soonest! @CapsuleHats
For now, you can score Capsule Hats in one of our 5 Locations that drop Capsule Hats:
Laced Up Albany - @LacedUpAlbany
Laced Up Brooklyn - @LacedUpBrooklyn
Laced Up Queens - @LacedUpQueens
Laced Up GSP - @LacedUpGardenStatePlaza
Laced Up Manhattan - @LacedUpNY